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Promotion tips for Uploader

The more people visit, download, like or recommend your pages on, the more you will earn.

Moreover an increasing number of visitors means for the portal as a whole a greater reach and thereby a higher advertising revenue, and thus you as an Uploader will directly benefit from.

So two reasons will definitely increase your income - one absolutely and one relatively:

  1. Absolute increase: Through more visitors = more views on your pages.
  2. Relative increase: Through higher ad-prices, caused by the growth of reach of the portal (number of unique visitors).

Your personal success and the prosperity of the portal depend on one another and mutually support each other.

The portal is been market online und offline via different channels like press, advertising, social media, blogs, forums etc.

As an addition you can easily enhance the visitor frequency on your pages with a few own activities on the internet:


Search engine optimizing

An important amount of visitors of the portal comes via a search request in google, yahoo, bing, ask or another search engine.

Helping visitors to easily find your pages, much can already be done by you during the upload process of your artwork:

1) Name of the collection and title of the artwork

Any artwork has a title and is assigned to a collection, which both will be created by yourself. Title and collection name will appeare later on in the URL, that means the adress line of your artwork.

The URL is as good as the adress of your artwork in the internet. This URL plays a great role for the search engine visibility of your artworks.

Example of an URL:

In this example "landschaften" is the name of the collection and "waldweg-im-herbst" the name of the title.

(The hyphens will be automatically set through the system - so please do not write them.)

2) Description and keywords

Please write the description and especially the keywords very carefully, preciselly, true and detailed. Particularly the keywords should only contain such terms, which realy bear upon your artwork.


Social networks on web

If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can:

A) Promote a single posting

Promotion tips for uploaders

To poste a single artwork on your profile on Google, Facebook oder Twitter, click on the recommendation buttons below the depiction on the main page of your artworks and write a few words additionally.

B) Promote a collection of artworks

Call up a collection of your postings, copy the URL (adress line on top of the browser) and poste it on an social network of your choice. You can call up collections via

  • Link "Show all posting from 'username'" (on main page of your artwork)
  • Enter a keyword in the search field
  • On your Public profile: Show all artworks per area

Customized business cards

Promotion tips for Uploaders

Business cards as txt file to be downloaded for Word or for another text processing program. Even as PDF files in cmyk for printing through an online printing shop. The cards could be easily personalized with your username. If a visitor of the portal gives in your username in the search field, a list of all of your artworks will appear.

Find out more about the business cards

It is recommended to always carry a few artecosa cards with you and distribute them occasionally.


Banners for your website

Promotion tips for Uploaders

Banners in different measurements and with different messages for your website. Easily build in and link it on one page or collection of your choice.

Find out more about banners


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